Our service promise

At Bagnall SAAB we treat each and every single car as if it were our own.

With over 52 years experience servicing SAAB cars, we know what it takes to get your SAAB running smoothly. With full engine diagnostics facilities with computerised readouts on site, your car is in good hands.

Apart from general repairs to customer cars, we also do two types of servicing on your car. First there is the Full Service. This is the service that you should have done every 12,000 miles or twelve months, which ever comes first. This service comprises of the following.

For the quality of service that we provide, our prices can not be beaten.

Service prices

Vehicle Full Service Interim Service
900 Classic £145.00 +VAT £95.00 +VAT
9000 £145.00 +VAT £95.00 +VAT
900 GM (1994-1998) £145.00 +VAT £95.00 +VAT
9-3 (1998-2002) £145.00 +VAT £105.00 +VAT
9-3 Sport (2003-2007) £175.00 +VAT £110.00 +VAT
9-3 Sport (2008->) £205.00 +VAT £120.00 +VAT
9-3 2.8 litre V6 £205.00 +VAT £120.00 +VAT
9-5 (1998-2001) £145.00 +VAT £95.00 +VAT
9-5 (2002-2005) £165.00 +VAT £105.00 +VAT
9-5 (2006-2010) £175.00 +VAT £110.00 +VAT
9-5 (2011->) £245.00 +VAT £125.00 +VAT

We stamp your service history book to keep it up to date.

Please note: If you need any other new parts for example brake disks or pads, the service price will increase to compensate for the new parts. We will always phone to let you know first.

Air Condition Regassing:-
Complete regas.

Air Condition Full Service:-
New pollen filter.
Vacuum air conditioning system.
Air condition de-contamination treatment.
Complete re-gas.

Air condition servicing and refill
Air conditioning service and refill
Car diagnostics and key programming
Car diagnostics and key programming

Air conditioning.
The full air conditioning service can take upto 30 minutes. You can wait in our waiting room for this to be completed.

Vehicle diagnostics.
If your vehicle had an electrical engine fault of any kind, you can book your can in for a computerised diagnostic check for only £20+VAT .